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While working on a postgraduate research project on ‘Pharmacovigilance in Africa’ through a grant from The University of Ferrara Italy and utilizing resources available at Queens University in New York, our founder Eric became increasingly aware that besides the safety concern of the drugs marketed in Africa, access and cost were major issues to address.

Average life expectancy in Africa is 63

The average life expectancy is 63 years mainly due to infant mortality and lack of management of chronic diseases like hypertension, diabetes and many others. One frequent trips to Africa during the project, he realized that most drugs commonly used to manage these chronic conditions were either unavailable, substandard or very pricy due to inefficiency in supply chain, lack of inventory management or unscrupulous middle men price hikes.

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To collaborate with health-care professionals and stakeholders both here in the United States and around the world, building meaningful relationships and providing solutions to their pharmaceutical and therapeutic needs.
To provide access to the same quality and safe medicines available in the United States to patients, pharmacies, hospitals, and wholesalers around the world.

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Up to 650 000 people die of respiratory diseases linked to seasonal flu each year

14 DECEMBER 2017 | GENEVA – Up to 650 000 deaths annually are associated with respiratory diseases from seasonal influenza, according to new estimates by the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (US-CDC), the World Health Organization and global health partners. Learn More

World Bank and WHO: Half the world lacks access to essential health services, 100 million still pushed into extreme poverty because of health expenses

13 DECEMBER 2017 | TOKYO – At least half of the world’s population cannot obtain essential health services, according to a new report from the World Bank and WHO. And each year, large numbers of households are being pushed into poverty because they must pay for health care out of their own pockets. Learn More

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