The need for capacity building in the pharmacy profession is steadily growing. Our team has developed training models for pharmaceutical professional and their staff. Our goal is to expose pharmacists and technicians in developing countries to global trends in pharmacy practice. In doing so, we equip them for world class and quality healthcare delivery comparable to what is obtained in more developed countries.

However, pharmaceutical training is not a one size fits all solution, so our team is ready to work with partners and clients to develop a training program and model that meet the needs of their practice or entity.


At GB Pharma Inc. we understand the importance of the availability of up to date drug therapy and medical information in your practice. We provide drug literature services to help you make better clinical decisions.

Utilizing data and resources available here in the United States, we are ready to work with the pharmacy and therapeutic committee tof your hospital or organization to develop a formulary system based on most recent medical guidelines. This therefore enhances the clinical judgement of physicians, pharmacists and other experts in the diagnosis, prophylaxis or treatment of disease and promotion of health.


Our vast network within the healthcare industry in the United States has provided us with the unique opportunity to assist you to accomplish a variety of projects. Leveraging our relationship with various pharmaceutical and medical project management institutes. No project will be considered too complex to handle.

Some of our past clinical successes are in Medication Therapy Management (MTM). Disease State Management (DSM). Chronic disease projects in hepatitis, HIV and public health.

GB Pharma Inc. has also recently been involved in Global Access Programs (GAP)  and Patient Specific Programs (PSP)

Contact us with your project proposal and one of our staff will get back to your in a timely manner.