Our team takes pride in doing more than sourcing medicines for your hospital or pharmacy. As a company founded by pharmacists and physicians, we understand most of the challenges you go through in your practice. We want to be your partner and together find solutions to meet your specific practice needs.


In many parts of the world, patients can go for days, weeks or months trying to find a prescribed medicine or trusted quality drugs. As a result of our strategic collaboration with reliable relay pharmacies in various countries, your loved ones have the opportunity to get access to the same medicines used in the US.

We also supply medicines to distributors and wholesalers. To protect our supply chain integrity, distributors and wholesalers can only sell directly to hospitals or pharmacies and not to other secondary distributors.


In certain cases, commercially available drugs do not meet the need of certain patients. Our expertise in providing a turnkey solution to your compounding activities is a few steps away. From compounding for a specific patient or a batch for hospital use, we shall help you achieve your goals.

The USP includes more than 4000 medicines that can be compounded by a well trained pharmacist. We are ready to help your practice achieve its compounding objectives, from API sourcing, monograph database to formulary and technical processes.

Our network also enables us to source all the equipment and materials you will need to produce a finished product that meets the standards of USP and ICCP.


Recent advancement in technology is changing the way almost every industry operates. We are able to provide various pharmacy management and software solutions to enable you to stand out from your competitors. From serialization to barcoding and database management. Our IT staff can work with you to develop a product that meets your specific needs.

Our network also enables us to provide small-scale manufacturing equipment and technology transfer services to serve those venturing out into pharmaceutical production start-ups.


Global Bridge Pharmaceutical can supply your needs for diabetic supplies, blood pressure monitors, and other diagnostic equipment including Durable Medical Equipment (DME) and Disposable Medical Supplies (DMS)