Global Bridge Pharmaceutical Inc

Global Bridge Pharmaceutical is a licensed pharmaceutical consulting and distribution company based in Charlotte, NC.
Our goal is to provide pharmaceutical products and services to enhance the effective use of medicines.
We  procure and distribute USFDA approved prescription and over the counter drugs to pharmacies, hospitals and other licensed healthcare facilities.
We are SAM registered as a minority company to do business with Local, State and Federal government.
Our export services enable  US based pharmaceutical companies to expand into new markets by leveraging our relationships and capabilities  as an Export Management Company. We are also engaged in Global Access Program (GAP), Managed Access Program (MAP), Named Patient Program (NPP) services.


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Whether you are a local North Carolina or out of State Physician, hospital, Pharmacy or institutional client, you have come to the right place.

At GB Pharma, your medication needs will be complemented with up-to-date therapeutic literature and guidelines of the medicines we provide.

For our pharmaceutical manufacturer partners, we leverage our medical expertise and relationship with providers and hospitals to establish and execute Global Access Programs (GAP), Managed Access Programs (MAP) and Named Patient Programs (NPP). We also facilitate your entry into international markets through our partners. Some of our activities include our role as an Export Management (EMC) and Export Trading company (ETC).

As a certified small business, we directly execute contracts or team up with prime pharmaceutical vendors and manufacturers as a subcontractor to fulfil local, state and federal tenders. This also include international procurement tenders, pharmaceutical supply chain management and pharma IT projects, directly or in collaboration with International Organizations with Global and Public health focus.
Our extensive knowledge and relationships in the national and global pharmaceutical industry enables us to leverage our partners’ capabilities to serve a wide range of clients.
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Professional services


As a licensed North Carolina prescription drug distribution company, Global Bridge Pharmaceutical has established valuable relationships local and global manufacturers.


Global and Managed Access Programs provides access to medicines for patients in countries where there is no commercially available treatment option for the condition.


Procurement services are the core of our operations. However, we go beyond just getting the pharmaceutical products to you. With our expertise in product development


Every year, thousands of patients in Africa and other developing nations die prematurely from manageable chronic diseases like hypertension, diabetes & cardiovascular.


Global Bridge Pharmaceutical provides three main types of export services to US companies who intend to export their products overseas, especially to Africa and the Middle east where we have established partners.
happy patients served
doctors and pharmacists


To collaborate with healthcare professionals and other stakeholders to build meaningful relationships and provide solutions to their pharmaceutical and therapeutic needs.

To provide access to the affordable, quality and safe medicines available in the United States to patients, pharmacies, hospitals, and wholesalers around the world. 

Consultancy services

At Global Bridge, we understand the importance of having access to up-to-date guidelines on drug therapy and medical information in your practice or hospital system. 

We collaborate with the Pharmacy and Therapeutic committee (PTC) of your hospital or organization to develop a drug formulary based on the most recent guidelines.

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