GLOBAL BRIDGE Pharmaceutical is a licensed pharmaceutical consulting and procurement company based in Charlotte, NC.
We supply pharmaceutical products to providers, clinics and other health entities and provide additional services to enhance the effective use of medicines and increased access and adherence to therapy.

GLOBAL BRIDGE Pharmaceutical has robust services in the following areas:

• Prescription drug sourcing
• Pharmaceutical services
• Drugs cost reduction resources
• Health equity advisors
• Managed access programs
• Pharmaceutical export


GLOBAL BRIDGE Pharmaceutical supplies branded, generic, over-the-counter, specialty medicines, vaccines, and other health products
to doctors offices, health centers, specialty health and wellness clinics, pharmacies and other providers or entities for inpatient use.

Additionally, we provide consulting services that enable our customers to offer their patients resources to access lower prices for their medicines, as well as tools to stay compliant and have better health outcomes.

Our extensive knowledge and relationships in the pharmaceutical industry have enabled us to leverage our partners’ capabilities to provide a wide range of additional services to our clients in the United States and globally.


Professional services

Rx Procurement

Pharmacovigilance, Auditing and Trials Services.

Global and Managed Access Programs:

Export Services

happy patients served
doctors and pharmacists


To collaborate with healthcare professionals and other stakeholders, build meaningful relationships and provide solutions to their pharmaceutical and therapeutic needs.

To increase access to the affordable, quality and safe medicines to the underinsured and uninsured patients, pharmacies, hospitals, and distributors in the United States and around the world. 


At GLOBAL BRIDGE Pharmaceutical, we understand the importance of having access to up-to-date therapeutic guidelines for your practice or hospital system. We collaborate with your team to review and update your drug formulary.

Other consulting services we offer include health equity, professional support, global and public health projects, as well as collaboration to provide products and services to private and governmental entities. 

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