With today’s advancement in technology and telemedicine, it is a common practice for experts practising in different countries to collaborate and find the best treatment options for their patients they co-manage.

Numerous therapies currently available in the United States are not available in many developing countries. Utilizing our unique platform and our network of US-based physicians and pharmacists, your loved ones living overseas can have access to a team of GB Pharma consultant providers. Together with your local physician, they coordinate your care and also provide affordable, quality medicines to better manage their condition.

Some of our clinical successes are in Medication Therapy Management (MTM), Disease State Management (DSM), and chronic disease state projects within the areas of HIV, hepatitis, and public health. 


Pharmacy compounding is making a comeback, and pharmacists all over the world are excited to be part it and put their professional expertise to use. 
Some medications are not commercially available or may be very expensive for some patients. A pharmacist with the right training and resources can compound certain drugs for a specific patient or an entire batch to be used in a hospital.
Our membership with a leading pharmacy-compounding organization in the United States gives us the ability to not only guide you through a step-by-step formulation process, product development, and literature, but also source the highest-quality active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), excipients, and equipment needed to obtain optimal drug products.

The United States Pharmacopeia (USP) contains more than 4,000 drugs that can be compounded. This is especially useful in developing countries where some medicines—especially drugs for neglected diseases—are very scarce because they are not very profitable for Big Pharma. This is a huge opportunity for pharmacists to make a difference and increase their bottom line at the same time.

Nutraceuticals and Cosmeceuticals

Our network within the pharmaceutical industry has given us the opportunity to collaborate with manufacturers and laboratories, staffed with leading scientists who can formulate a variety of products including vitamins and cosmetics.

Are you a distributor, a medical practice or an individual interested is selling their own or our brands of “Made in USA” vitamins, supplements, or skincare products?

Order as little as 100 bottles per product and sell to your network or 1000 bottles in your own private label brand and start your own vitamin store or sell online. We also help US exporters and international buyers source “made in USA” vitamins and skincare products.



At Global Bridge, we understand the importance of having access to up-to-date guidelines on drug therapy and medical information in your practice or hospital system. Utilizing data and resources available in the United States, we can collaborate with the pharmacy and therapeutics committee (PTC) of your hospital or organization to develop a drug formulary based on the most recent guidelines.
Most of out team members belong to the American Pharmacist Association or the American Medical Association that provide us with a lot of resources. Our goal is to expose physicians, pharmacists and technicians in developing countries with information of current trends in pharmacy and medical practice through various training and workshops in the United States that fit the learning goals of our partners and clients. In doing so, we equip them for world-class health-care delivery comparable to what is standard in more developed countries.


Counterfeit and fake medicines are a growing trend especially in less regulated markets. In developing countries, the risk of getting caught and penalized for producing or selling fake medicines is low due to less regulation and oversight by authorities.

Tens of thousands of patients die every year from fake or counterfeit medicines. Fake antimalarials alone kill about 120,000 individuals every year. It is time to stop this practice by defending your population and market against it and therefore gaining market trust for your products or services.

Despite the emergence of new technology and on site quality control devices, there are still many limitations to the drugs that can be analyzed as well as the result that these services provide with regards to qualitative and quantitative analysis of drug samples.

GB Pharma’s relationship with reputable USFDA approved analytical laboratories can help test the authenticity of the drugs you market or dispense. Utilizing our third party logistic providers, we can receive your shipped drug samples, completely analyze them and get the results to you within a short time.

Regardless of if you are a government health official or unit, wholesaler, hospital system or pharmacy, you can hold your supplier accountable for the quality of medicines they provide pre and post market ,and protect your citizens, patients and clients against the ills of counterfeit or fake medicines. Thus taking pride in the service you provide and saving lives!

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