Global Bridge Pharmaceutical’s diversified and vertically integrated network ensures continuous customer satisfaction. Our commitment to supply high-quality pharmaceutical products is reflected in our due diligence protocols, our main objective being to ensure that those we serve benefit from those relationships.

Our success in the pharmaceutical industry has been built on a passion for serving our valued clients and on our outstanding dedication to and focus on meeting the needs of the patient.

We are open to partner with other manufacturers, distributors, and organizations that share our values and vision to become a truly transnational pharmaceutical company.


Our dedication to enrich lives worldwide and make a difference by supplying quality products calls for zero tolerance and assumptions. We continue to expand our extensive network of very ethical individuals, organizations, and companies in the pharmaceutical industry that share our philosophy of “Patient first, product second.” This concept has led us to the creation of a truly global team represented by individuals and companies around the world all working together to uphold our promise and mission to source the highest-quality products at the most affordable prices for all patients regardless of the country they live in.

Despite Charlotte, NC USA base and our global footprint, our stronghold of clientele and market expertise is in Africa. Besides providing pharmaceuticals, we have partnered with African governments and US based international organizations to execute their public health projects and outreach within the continent.

We engage rigorous vetting processes in selecting our manufacturing and quality control laboratory partners as well as distributors of our products. Our processes include yearly visits to and inspections of their facilities in the United States and abroad.


The Global Bridge Foundation seeks to contribute and improve healthcare access to those most in need globally. Our goal is to work collaboratively with organizations to provide financial support, medication and equipment donations, preventative health strategies, and health education and advocacy.

The United States is 5% of the world’s population but consumes more than 50% of global medicines. As a result, our excess inventory of medicines and medical equipment need a new home.  

 We work with recipients to prevent waste, and take responsibility for shipping and handling of these donations.

Are you a US manufacturer, wholesaler or healthcare system with excess inventory for donation?

Are you a hospital system or other organization in a developing country needing donations?

Contact us for more information on how we can work together to make a difference.