Advisory Board Member

Jeff Tarte

A seasoned management consultant and executive with a distinguished career in the healthcare industry, as well as state and local government. Renowned for his ability to connect, consult, and lead, Mr. Tarte has a track record of success advising executives, boards of directors, and business leaders across North Carolina and the United States. His consulting expertise spans every U.S. state and five foreign countries.

Mr. Tarte’s impressive leadership includes serving three terms as a North Carolina state senator and three terms as the mayor of Cornelius, NC. His executive experience is extensive, having served as interim CIO at Johns Hopkins Health System and New England Medical Center-Tufts University. He is a former partner at Ernst & Young and a former executive at IBM.

At Global Bridge Pharmaceuticals, Mr. Tarte leverages his healthcare and leadership expertise to enhance local, national, and international operations. His strategic vision is integral to our mission of providing access to medicines and expanding into advocacy, drug information services, and health equity. His guidance is crucial in forging strategic partnerships with like-minded organizations.

Some of his key recognitions include, NC Public Leader of the Year 2018, Outstanding Board Member at the Chamber of Commerce and Tarte Field, a baseball field named in his honor in Mecklenburg County

Mr. Tarte holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from University of Illinois and Postgraduate studies at Harvard University, University of Pennsylvania, and Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business.

Mr. Tarte’s contributions to Global Bridge Pharmaceuticals are invaluable, guiding our efforts to improve healthcare access and equity across diverse communities in the United States and around the world.

Advisory Board Member

Dr. Julius Kehinde Tokunboh, MD

Dr. Julius Kehinde Tokunboh, MD, is a distinguished triple board-certified physician specializing in internal medicine, pediatrics, and emergency medicine. A graduate of the University of Kentucky, Dr. Tokunboh brings over 40 years of extensive medical experience, including significant roles in clinical trials and population health management.

As the owner of three medical clinics in the Charlotte metro area, Dr. Tokunboh tirelessly serves thousands of patients and communities, both locally and beyond, through the innovative use of telemedicine. He is currently affiliated with Atrium Health Cabarrus, where he continues to impact patient care profoundly.

Dr. Tokunboh’s dedication and contributions to the medical field have earned him numerous awards and recognitions from both local North Carolina authorities and national organizations. During the COVID-19 pandemic, he played a critical role by establishing multiple testing and vaccination sites throughout the Charlotte region, demonstrating his commitment to health equity.

In his free time, Dr. Tokunboh enjoys reading, walking, and volunteering, reflecting his lifelong commitment to personal growth and community service.



Founder, CEO


Under the leadership of Dr. Eric Sede Nietcho, a licensed pharmacist, GB Pharma is driven by a profound commitment to address vital challenges within the pharmaceutical supply chain. Eric’s expertise guides our efforts to ensure that physicians, pharmacies, hospitals, distributors, and other stakeholders can access essential medicines promptly and efficiently.

His dedication to narrowing the pharmaceutical care and access divide between developed and developing nations prompted a shift in his pharmacy career trajectory. Moving away from traditional roles in retail and clinical pharmacy, he delved into supply chain management, production, and commercialization, aiming to enact tangible change in global healthcare accessibility. 

Fluent in English, French and Italian, his pharmaceutical journey has enabled him to travel to 30 countries in 5 continents, establishing key relationships with multiple pharma stakeholders.

Dr. Sede Nietcho’s academic journey commenced with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Ferrara in Italy. Subsequently, he embarked on a pharmacovigilance research grant, which brought him to New York. Over the course of two decades, he accrued valuable experience as a licensed pharmacist, practicing in diverse settings and locations such as Italy, New York, Detroit, St. Louis, and Charlotte, NC

He holds an Executive Management Certificate from the University of Richmond – Robins School of Business and an Executive Leadership Certificate from Drexel University in collaboration with Merck & Co., Inc. These prestigious qualifications, combined with his PharmD, equip him to elevate our company from a local NC startup to a global leader in pharmaceutical excellence.

Legal Consultant


An experienced lawyer with a passion for employment-based immigration law and international business in emerging markets, as well as an extensive background in global risk mitigation; Sherrod knew as a child that his path in life would lead him to be active on a national and international level. He oversees our company’s contract agreements and regulatory compliance.
Sherrod brings this same cultured approach to International Law which he also applies to his extreme love for all things Cleveland and MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). Sherrod began his legal career at Cleveland State University, Cleveland-Marshall College of Law in Cleveland, Ohio. Since obtaining his Juris Doctor, Sherrod has become more intentional than ever to be an advocate for clients in need of international legal assistance.
Director of Quality Control and Supply Chain


Reema’s passion for a career in pharma is deeply rooted in her childhood growing up in a family with numerous pharmacists and physicians.
With extensive training in pharmaceutical formulation and production, she is responsible for pharmaceutical sourcing, pre-marketing and post-marketing operations.
She obtained a Bachelor of Pharmacy from North Manharashtra University in India and a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Nova Southern University in Florida.
She resides in Charlotte, NC and enjoys spending time with family when away from the office.
Medical Director


Dr. Seh currently practices internal medicine in North Carolina and serves as the Medical Director for Global Bridge Pharmaceutical.
A physician with 20 years of experience. he oversees our patient co-management program and makes other clinical decisions for the company.
He obtained a medical degree from the University of Pavia in Italy and completed his residency in internal medicine at Bronx Lebanon Hospital in New York before moving to Georgia to start his practice. He eventually relocated to Charlotte, North Carolina.
When away from work, he enjoys brewing craft beer.

Director for Government Relations and International Trade


Candace Graves has always been passionate about global economic development, particularly in Africa. Whether it is through supporting active trade missions or implementing a robust immigration policy, she has been committed to breaking through bureaucratic barriers.

Candace is a former Diplomat with the U. S. Department of State, having served in Embassies and Consulates in Mexico City, Mexico, Johannesburg, South Africa, Cairo, Egypt, Lagos, Nigeria and Washington, DC. Candace is a graduate of Harvard University with a Master of Public Policy and Hampton University with a BA in Political Science. She enjoys traveling, reading and cooking.

Head of Human Resources and Public Relations


Corporate executive, author and entrepreneur, Stephanie is the self-published author of Corporate Coffee: Success Never Tasted So Good. Corporate Coffee is part memoir and part mentorship and empowerment.
Ms. Dawkins former Global Senior Vice President for AB Volvo. She was the first and continues to be the only African American to ever hold this C-Suite role in the 80-plus year history of this Scandinavian company.
Ms. Dawkins was recognized by the United States House of Representatives and inducted into the Congressional Record. She is a recipient of the North American Leadership Award from the World Igbo Congress of Nigeria and was awarded an honorary doctorate for her global initiatives. Stephanie holds a seat on the Board of Directors for the Euro-American Woman’s Council.
Ms. Dawkins has received numerous awards. She works with various African initiatives and fosters humanitarian efforts and projects.
Stephanie is married with two children.