Rx Procurement

We are a licensed prescription drug distribution and consulting company. Our clients include medical and dental offices, pharmacies, clinics, government and other entities. Our small size and agility enable us to serve you in a personalized and timely manner to provide medicines and other clinical pharmacy services.

Do you need access to affordable prescription medicines for your clinic use or for your patients?

Do you need a pharmacist partner for all your drug information and pharmaceutical care needs?

Our consultant pharmacists provide valuable drug information services and advise our clients on alternative drug therapies when the needed medicines are on the USFDA drug shortage list.

Through our strategic national and international partnerships, we can serve clients both in the United States and abroad.

Patient Access, Affordability and Adherence:

Americans pay much more for their medicines compared to residents of other developed countries.

The last thing your patients should worry about is access and affordability of the medicines you prescribe. We help patients and corporations navigate the complexities of access to the right sources and prices for medicines.

We provide them with resources to enhance access and adherence, break down treatment barriers, improve their treatment journey and deliver optimum patient outcomes.

Do you have uninsured or underinsured patients?

We provide information on alternate sources, compliance strategies and patient assistance programs by collaboration with drug manufacturers.
We empower patients to improve medication adherence through personalized intervention and support.

Global and Managed Access Programs:

Our team at GLOBAL BRIDGE Pharmaceutical is very knowledgeable on the laws and regulations of the countries we provide medicines or services to. 

We have established relationships with clinicians, specialty distributors and hospitals in foreign countries to gain access to prescription medicines from the United States that are not currently available in their markets through various programs.

These programs enable U.S.  manufacturers to provide their drug to clinicians in other countries while getting valuable clinical data.

These programs include:

  • Global access program. (GAP)
  • Named patient program. (NPP)
  • Drug donation programs.
  • Post-withdrawal supply.
  • Pre-registration supply.
  • Compassionate drug use. 
  • Early access program. (EAP)
  • Managed access program. (MAP)


Procurement services are the core of our operations. However, we go beyond just getting the pharmaceutical products to you. We are involved in the entire lifecycle of the products. From raw material sourcing, production methodology, and quality control to pre- and post-marketing quality reports, we work with you every step of the journey.

Our product portfolio includes a diverse range of pharmaceuticals and other healthcare and diagnostic products

We serve clients from small hospitals and retail pharmacies to government agencies and private and public organizations. We have a great flexibility on minimum order quantity (MOQ) based on the clients’ type, size and magnitude of operation.

Export Services

The United States has 5% of the world’s population but accounts for 35% of global medication use. This sometimes leads to excess inventory in the US, while there is a shortage of these medicines in other countries. Some countries also prefer to purchase U.S. quality medicines due to high USFDA quality standards.

GLOBAL BRIDGE Pharmaceutical exports some prescription medicines to international markets through three main types of export services.

We accomplish this by serving as an export management company (EMC) and export trading company (ETC). We find new markets for your pharmaceuticals and other health related products. We also manage trading activities such as locating buyers and distributors, as well as the facilitating logistics and payments processes.

Our company also operates as a free agent. We do this by purchasing your available inventory and export to clients in other countries.

Contact us if you need a new home for your drug inventory, including short dates.

Diaspora Medicine Initiative

Every year, thousands of patients in Africa and other developing nations die prematurely from otherwise manageable chronic diseases like hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and more. These conditions are routinely managed long-term with inexpensive generic medicines readily available to patients in the United States and other developed countries.

Unfortunately, in many developing countries, quality, prices of medicines, and adherence are major problems. Non-communicable chronic diseases are “silent killers”.

Through our partnership with drug manufacturers and our network of relay pharmacies , we can help you get quality, affordable medicines for your loved ones regardless of the country they live in.



At GLOBAL BRIDGE Pharmaceutical, we can help U.S. residents get the medicines for their loved ones still living in their country of origin. We also provide additional services to help manage their chronic medical conditions and prevent long-term complications and morbidity.
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