As a licensed North Carolina prescription drug distribution company, Global Bridge Pharmaceutical has established valuable relationships with over 70 local and global manufacturers and wholesalers of pharmaceuticals and other health-related products. Our clients include local retail pharmacies and clinics, as well as out of state clients. We also serve veterinary practices. Due to our small size and flexibility, we can get the medicines you need for your patients in a more timely manner than the bigger companies. Also we do not require a minimum order quantity like most big companies.

Through our strategic partnerships with local distributors in countries out of the United States, we can also deliver a wide range of products to international distributors, pharmacies and hospitals to to better serve their clients.

Some drugs marketed in the United States are not available in other countries, or some market segment prefer US FDA-approved medicines. In both cases, we can help source the products you need. Our products include, Prescription medicines, over-the-counter medicines, vitamin and supplements as well as medical supplies and disposables.


Global Access Program (GAP): 

Global Access Programs provides access to medicines for patients in countries where there is no commercially available treatment option for the condition. For many pharmaceutical companies this can be challenging due to different regulations in each country. Our team at Global Bridge Pharmaceutical is very knowledgeable in regulatory affairs in the countries we provide product or services to, and already collaborate with many physicians and hospitals in these countries. We can help US companies accomplish their GAP goals by providing them with access to practitioners, documentation requirements, accountability and follow ups necessary to be compliant with US laws.

Managed Access Program (MAP):

Managed Access Programs allow pharmaceutical companies to provide pre approved drugs to patients around the world through “Compassionate use”, “Expanded use” or’ Named patient supply”. Our team of consultant, US licensed physicians and pharmacist already provide patient co-management services to international patients and practitioners and can therefore leverage our relationships and expertise to manage various this program.

These programs are usually part of a company’s general business model as entry steps to new markets or a part of it’s corporate social responsibility (CSR).

If you are a pharmaceutical company, hospital, physician or patient interested in GAP and MAP contact us for more information on how we can help.


Procurement services are the core of our operations. However, we go beyond just getting the pharmaceutical products to you. With our expertise in product development, we are involved in the entire lifecycle of the products—from raw material sourcing, production methodology, and quality control to pre- and post-marketing quality reports.

Our product portfolio includes a diverse range of pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical items such as medical devices, medical supplies, diagnostics kits, and other hard-to-find items.
We serve clients from small hospitals and retail pharmacies to government agencies and private and public organizations.


Every year, thousands of patients in Africa and other developing nations die prematurely from otherwise manageable chronic diseases like hypertension, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases. Generally, these conditions are managed long-term with medicines that are inexpensive generics and readily available in the United States. Unfortunately, this is not the case in many developing countries where quality, price, and adherence are major issues. Sometimes, relatives living in the US try to get these medicines for loved ones who live in other countries



At Global Bridge Pharmaceuticals, we can help US residents get the medication their loved ones still living in their country of origin need to manage their chronic medical conditions and prevent long-term complications and morbidity.
Contact us today to learn how you can send pharmaceuticals to your loved ones living outside the United States and how you can register them on our patient co-management platform.

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Global Bridge Pharmaceutical provides three main types of export services to US companies who intend to export their products overseas, especially to Africa and the Middle east where we have established partners. Our export management company (EMC) and Export trading company (ETC) services can help find new market for your pharmaceuticals and other health related products and manage some of the trading activities such as locating buyers, distributors, logistics and payments amongst others. Thirdly, GB Pharma acts as a free agent in certain cases. We accomplish this by outright purchase of your pharmaceuticals and other health or beauty related product and export to out clients or partners in other countries.


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